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Who We Are

Mission Statement

To promote economic development which provides for greater prosperity in our community. 

We have a fundamental obligation to identify and advocate for those issues that are consistent with our mission and in the best interests of our members and the community. We will take a clear and visible stand on these issues, even when doing so may be unpopular.

We believe that greater wisdom, commitment, and determination are achieved through cooperative interaction and deliberation. We will consistently look for opportunities to reason together in making decisions and fulfilling our mission.

We believe we have a fundamental obligation to our members and our communities to question the present state, to envision a future as it can and should be, to create and communicate plans to achieve that future, to inspire our members and our communities to pursue those plans, and to empower our members and communities to take those actions necessary to achieve the desired results.

What we do will be a consistent and accurate reflection of the things we say. We will keep our commitments. We will be up-front with our agendas. We will deal in a forthright manner in all relationships, whether we agree or disagree with the issues under consideration.

We are committed to the varied interests of people—our members and the community in which we live. We will be strengthened as an organization by the extent to which we welcome and effectively represent the depth, breadth, and fullness of their ideas.

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is healthy in all respects— economically, educationally, physically and politically. We will model and encourage others to follow a commitment to quality of life.

In relationships with members, the community, governing bodies, and other business and civic organizations, we will conduct our affairs in the fullest expression of openness, trust, and a genuine commitment to mutual satisfaction and success.

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